La Rochelle, L’île de Ré en vidéo

    The promise of Ayahuasca

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Ayahuasca is a plant from the Amazon jungle. It has been used for a long time, by shamans to heal and help connect to nature and be yourself. For some time now Westerners have been interested in this plant. Sebastien Cazaudehore says it is essential to understand the reality of Ayahuasca. Today the controversy surrounding the neo-shamanism highlights its excesses. It is imperative, he says, to understand the age-old rules that accompany the use of this plant and its philosophy. He began writing this book after 12 years in Amazonia and then in Spain where he studied Anthropobiology (PhD), NLP, Biological Decoding, energetic medicine and lithotherapy before becoming a shaman. He hopes that this period of transformation will take place for the benefit of patients and the practice itself. “The Studio“ - Catherine Salez receives Sebastien Cazaudehore, production Yves Morin - re-TV

«Le Petit Rhéta» un journal satirique et humoristique sera lancé dès le printemps 2018. Ce support bimensuel est constitué d’un journal d’actualités traité de manière décalée et intégrant des publicités de l’actualité et des reportages.

«Le Studio» dont les reportages ont déjà commencé à s’ouvrir à l’extérieur de l’île et à s’intéresser à La Rochelle ainsi qu’à la Région.